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Discover the VNG Digital Group

Vision in Motion

Our passion for technology and digital innovations has made us envision a Digital Marketing company different from the others.

A company that will looks things with a different sight, artistic look and will have a strong element of insight that will make it always a step ahead. A company that will offer unique projects and solutions to its clients who will lead them to success.

This company was created. And it is the VNG Digital Group. One of the leading Digital Marketing companies in Greece and abroad.

VNG is ''Moving ached'' like technology do

Technology is riding so we do

The VNG Digital Group adopts the new technological trends and it can always offer its customers top solutions.

The Group’s New Technologies Department, in collaboration with the University of Blagoevgrad, closely monitors developments in the Internet, discovers, designs, tests and selects the most up-to-date tools and solutions that can lead a company to growth and profitability through the wondrous world of Digital Marketing.

Learn more about VNG Digital Group’s companies, services, and projects by watching the videos below.


VNG Group of Companies

VNG Digital Group Services

VNG Digital Group Showreel

''Success is a Strategic Issue'' - Commercial spot

''The Fisherman'' - Commercial spot

''Fanis - Funny'' - Commercial spot