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Stirixis (Support) of Ideas by VNG

Everything starts with a good idea.

Good ideas should not be lost. They help boost entrepreneurship, reduce unemployment, create new jobs and boost the Greek economy.

VNG Digital Group, one of the leading companies in the Digital Marketing industry, specializes in the provision of innovative online services and is in constant search for new partners and collaborations.

The Stirixis (Support) of Ideas program is an initiative of VNG Digital Group, which aims, through the emergence of smart ideas, at the promotion of innovative products and services in the IT sector in general and particularly in the Internet sector.

''A thousand kilometers journey begins with one step.''

You have the idea

The opportunity to see your idea become true is here. It just has to be innovative and the Stirixis of Ideas program will give you all the resources to promote your idea from theory to practice.

We give you the supplies

In collaboration with a broad network of operators, VNG Digital Group through the Stirixis program, in order to highlight the ideas of commercial interest which can earn a distinction, offers a complete A to Z business development plan that includes strategic planning, business planning, training programs, technical support, legal coverage, mentoring, coaching, synergies with other businesses, and the possibility of funding from owned resources or third parties.

TOGETHER we will transform your idea in reality

A new world of challenges and professional success will open ahead of you. Follow it!

Useful information

Individuals over 18 years of age without maximum age limit, unemployed, self-employed, existing enterprises of all types of industry, start-ups.

The ideas that will be supported will have to be innovative, legitimate, original, should not violate any form of rights, they ought to have conditions for growth, sustainability and expandability of the business, and the prospect of creating new jobs. Some other key selection criteria are the calculated amount of time for the completion of the project, the total cost required for the investment, the calculated amount of time for depreciation and profitability of the investment.

VNG Stirixis (Support) of Ideas program is open, with no time limitation. This is not an action that will take place within a certain timeframe, nor is it a contest for ideas. It is a continuous search and support of innovative ideas and collaborations.

Our passion is the web and we are looking for anything that will put a new foundation on the market. Innovative projects and new technologies in websites, e-shops, various platforms, web applications, mobile applications, Social Media Applications, Web design, Web development, Social Media Marketing, SEO [Search Engine Optimization], Video ADS, Content SEO, Online ADS, Content Marketing, Google Adwords, SEM [Search Engine Marketing], Email Marketing, CRO [Conversion Rate Optimization], Affiliate Marketing, PPC, Local SEO, Mobile Marketing. If your idea is not included in the above areas, but you think it is worthwhile, of course, let us see it.

First you fill out and you send to us the form of interest, with a brief description of your idea. The idea will be evaluated by our competent team of partners who, prior to receiving the business plans, are bound to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Should we need some first clarifications, we may have a telephone communication. If some basic criteria are met, it is very likely that a communication will occur to arrange a meeting. At the meeting, we will analyze the details and focus on the viability of the project in order to complete the folder towards the final evaluation. The final evaluation can have three status: Approved – Rejected – Waiting. In case of approval, a telephone update and the arrangement of new meetings to design the next steps occur. In the case of rejection, there may be no information and no justification for the decision. VNG Digital Group is not bound to justify the decision or to inform the concerned person. The case of waiting refers to cases where the proposed project results interesting but cannot be supported at the moment for a number of reasons that VNG Digital Group is not required to inform the concerned person about.