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PR Office

The power of digital media in your services

Your business always in the center of interest.

PR Office

The power of digital media in your services

Your business always in the center of interest.

The ideal strategy to achieve your goals
Original news and themes for your company
Distribution in selected media
Goals are reached in a very short time

In a very short time your message is everywhere.

VNG Digital Group has a wide network of owned and collaborative news & informative websites with high visibility, in Greece and abroad.

Everyday millions of readers visit our media to get informed. In Greece, our network exceeds the 120 sites and abroad, the 400. The publishing and playing of a news story on selected media will receive enormous visibility and readability and if this news is related to your business, you will achieve something great: You will deliver your messages to the consumers in real time.

The press office is your communication link with the public opinion.

The Press and Communication Office is one of the most important departments for an organization or business and its role is to be the primary communication link between the media and the organization or business.

An effective press office with the aim of providing the best possible information to the public opinion, regularly informs the media about the company’s activities, news, actions, positions, decisions, innovations, participation in exhibitions, etc.

An effective form of indirect & direct advertising

With the effective acceptance and penetration of the information in the electronic and social media, the company remains up-to-date and benefits through reports of it in the mass media.

This is one of the most effective forms of indirect advertising. The digital press service is one of the leading services in the digital marketing and thanks to its immediate effectiveness and its low cost, it is ideal even for a very small business.

In a very short time, the business message is spread. The consumer is informed by the media he uses for his daily information and entertainment.


Initially, we discuss with you your needs, your thoughts and the goals you want to achieve. At the same time, we carefully study your competition, and we observe specifically if and how it moves, what moves it makes, and whether it uses a similar service. This information will help us design the appropriate strategy that we will follow and our action plan.
As long as our strategy is ready, our experienced journalists and columnists start working. They write for you and your business articles with original and unique content that will perfectly serve your purpose. The articles, according to the goals that the business wants to achieve, can relate to news, actions, innovations, or they can even intelligently present products, services, offers or anything the business wishes to be widely spread. The articles are enriched with photographic material and active links to the website of the business, and their form may be from purely informative to absolute advertising for direct online sales.
Subsequently, the articles to be published are sent to the electronic media that you have chosen from our large network of news & informative websites. In a very short time, articles are published in the flow of our electronic media, while they are also promoted on the corresponding pages of our social media channels.
So, in a very short amount of time, we have achieved the widest spread and distribution of the article on multiple media simultaneously, the article will receive hundreds of thousands of impressions and thousands of readings, while the website of the business receives significant traffic. The success of the action is unquestionable and even in the case of the more difficult target, the direct sale, it is extremely difficult not to achieve sales.