Closing month, like each 12 months, we loved the black friday deals, and now, a few weeks earlier than christmas, the buying fever reaches its height. the holiday season is typically the time of rampant consumerism. though, in current years, we were looking at the apparition of recent developments that negate the prevailing consumer way of life. this takes place specially amongst new generations – millennials and technology z, which differ from older generations of their buying behavior. are those simply transitional trends so one can disappear quickly, or maybe the contemporary society actually turns faraway from traditional consumerism? and what can entrepreneurs do in this situation?

Are millennials anti-consumerists?

One of the biggest generations in history is about to move into its top spending years. millennials are poised to reshape the financial system; their particular studies will exchange the approaches we buy and promote, forcing groups to look at how they do business for decades to return. Goldman sachs report.

Some of the most often indicated traits of era y (recognized additionally as millennials) – the biggest generation in society nowadays, is the retreat from conventional intake and materialism. in keeping with the goldman sachs file quoted above, only 15% of millennials need to shop for a new car or a tv, the products that were repute symbols and items of desire for preceding generations (era x and infant boomers). technology y, alternatively of purchasing, prefers to put money into experiences, along with travels, live shows, festivals, or eating out. they’re also plenty greater conscious as purchasers. whilst millennials started out their person lives, many new, alternative lifestyles that reject the long-mounted consumerism emerged.

New tendencies and opportunity existence

The new tendencies are based totally mainly on the negation of the dominant life-style centered on consumption, materialism, the rat race, i.e. the phenomena indicated as the primary culprits of the progressing degradation of the surroundings and social existence. converting patron behavior and lifestyle to a more conscious, ecological and accountable is taken into consideration to be a circulate that may at the least in part stop the poor effect that the human civilization has at the surroundings. amongst those more and more popular traits there are:

Anti-consumerism, or conscious and planned drawback of consumption of each services and products,
Less waste and 0 waste, i.e. the reduction or elimination of waste from intake, e.g. by means of recycling or deciding on products whose intake will now not produce waste,
Sluggish dwelling – a philosophy that rejects the rat race and the fast pace of residing and praises the simple pleasures of the everyday lifestyles rather,
Moral consumption – deciding on products whose bad impact at the surroundings is minimized (vegan, not tested on animals or with fair alternate certificate),
Sharing economy – ​​sharing goods without having to personal them, which ends up in higher use of sources (as an example bicycle-sharing structures).

What those developments mean for entrepreneurs?

Do those phenomena imply that radical, permanent modifications inside the customers’ behavior and awful instances for sales are coming? probably no longer – even the flood of latest anti-consumerisms developments doesn’t mean that the capitalist society will forestall shopping for. nevertheless, there may be absolute confidence that the contemporary global is constantly changing, and types need to adapt to those changes to stand the demanding situations.

How can manufacturers adapt their advertising activities to the new reality? permit’s take a look at the instance of “Patagonia”, the organization that encourages its customers to replace to responsible consumerism: buying much less frequently, but merchandise of accurate best so one can ultimate longer; repairing clothes in place of throwing them away; shopping for 2d hand and recycling. these are the values ​​that underlie the corporation’s philosophy, as described via rosa marcario, ceo of the corporation, in the linked article. is that this an effective approach? the corporation’s $250 million boom in revenue since the memorable campaign “don’t buy this jacket” proves that it’s operating.


This example indicates that corporations can correctly cope with adjustments in purchaser habits via regarding values ​​which might be critical to them and constructing the emblem on such slogans as social obligation, sustainability, environmentally pleasant manufacturing system, and so forth. this could help with setting up lengthy-lasting relationships with clients and attractive them with the logo that suits their values ​​and life-style.

Marketing Automation – marketer’s device in a converting world

Within the face of converting purchaser conduct, an certainly vital aspect could be an in-depth understanding of purchaser desires and the adjustment of communication based totally at the records acquired. such possibilities are supplied through the marketing automation platform. mass verbal exchange is not any extra powerful on the subject of dealing with such internally various companies of recipients. manufacturers ought to start paying greater interest to personalizing advertising activities, segmenting the recipients on the premise in their not unusual features (like lifestyle or existence philosophy), and the use of the present day advertising technology based on ai, information science and machine studying, which analyze big data sets and offer customized suggestions for the customers. such contemporary solutions assist marketers to satisfy the realities of the changing global and hold up with the brand new intake phenomena.

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