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Affiliate Marketing Management

Promoting with the power of many. Charging based on result and performance.

Affiliate Marketing Management

Promoting with the power of many. Charging based on result and performance.


A type of free advertising

Affiliate Marketing is the term used to describe a form of online advertising that consists of an awarding process from an advertiser towards the advertising part for referring a visitor or a customer to his website after he completed a sale or after he completed a requested action such as subscribing to a newsletter or Liking a Facebook page.

In some ways, Affiliate Marketing acts as a free ad for the advertiser website, since a network of advertising websites direct customers towards it and they are rewarded only if the designated result is achieved.

A useful promotional tool

In the hands of experts, Affliate Marketing can become a valuable tool.

Campaigns will deliver better results when combined with other digital marketing services such as SEO, Google Ads & email marketing, and have great results especially in the retail, service and travel industries.

Strategic planning is the key

Affiliate Marketing is not going to yield results from individual actions without the right strategy.

For example, posting content or banners on various websites in the hope that something positive will happen. To obtain results, a well-designed effort is needed at various levels to create all the necessary conditions to convert increased traffic into sales.

It adapts easily to your needs

A Successful Affiliate Marketing offers you a range of facilities that you will really appreciate.

Such as flexibility in terms of network supplies, which you can vary depending on your results, goals and expectations. For example, when there is a recession in sales, by increasing commissions, affiliates will promote your campaign more effectively.

The world's largest networks at your services

VNG Digital Group features modern owned affiliate platforms and collaborates with the largest networks in Greece and abroad.

We guarantee the creation of a successful Affiliate Campaign for your brand, your suggestions and your products that will help you overcome your competitors. We have the necessary technical and strategic experience to complete this action successfully.

We are innovative and we bring results

With our innovative Affiliate Marketing strategies, your sales and potential customers will grow instantly, with a model that will be rewarded based on results and performance.

Our goal is to make you build a trusted relationship with our Affiliate Network in order for your brand to win its support. This is the key to a completely successful campaign.